Couples massage

Come visit us at MASAJES QUIRO-RELAX SEVILLA and enjoy our individual massages, as a couple or with friends.

Massages that we offer at MASAJES QUIRO-RELAX SEVILLA


Single massage:

30-minute massage session, ideal for relieving tension and muscular discomfort in the back and legs.
60 minute full body massage.
90 minute full body massage, including feet and head.


Couples massage:

Couples massages to choose between deep muscle massage (deep tissue), relaxing massage or anti-stress Californian massage. With essential oils and aromatherapy (in relaxation massages). So that you can enjoy a unique experience.


Deep muscle massage - Deep tissue:

Deep tissue massage involves applying slow, firm pressure to concentrated areas of the body.
Apply firm, deeply penetrating pressure with fingers, palms, or elbows. This massage technique uses slower and stronger movements to reach the deeper layers of muscle and
connective tissue. It is normally used to help improve the muscular system.


Facial and cranial massage:

Una agradable sesión de 30 minutos , con técnicas de masaje y drenaje linfático , destinadas a mejoras la salud y aspecto de la piel . También puedes optar por ampliar la sesión con masaje podal , con una duración completa de 45 minutos por 35€ .


Facial and body treatments:

Do not miss our facial and body treatments. With them you can improve the appearance of the skin, lymphatic and blood circulation, with which we help the immune system. Draining and firming massages, facial and cranial massage. Do not miss these healthy and at the same time pleasant sessions.


Quiro-Relax relaxing massage:

It is a complete massage. Relaxing but with the pressure adapted to the needs of each person, it can be softer or more intense and deep. Ideal to disconnect and improve our muscles. You can enjoy it in sessions of:
60 minutes €40 (full body)
90 minutes €55 (full body, foot and head massage)
An ideal session to enjoy or give as a gift.


Californian massage:

Come to know and enjoy what is known "the black truffle of massages". The Californian massage is not just a massage, it is a sensory experience. Based on long, smooth and enveloping passes that cover the body from head to toe without losing contact or pressure, producing unique sensations of relaxation and well-being.

The best way to receive a Californian massage is being naked (the intimate area will be covered by a cloth), the most pleasant sensation of this massage is to feel the total integration of the body. It is an ideal therapy to combat stress , anxiety , states of low self - esteem and
decay , or simply to enjoy one of the best massages in the world . You can enjoy this exclusive massage both individually and also with your partner, friends or family.


Foot and leg massage:

The foot and leg massage consists of working both in front and behind all the muscles of the lower region of our body.
For this we use muscle unloading techniques. Lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. With this combination of techniques. We get the person to leave relieved with a sensation of unloaded and light legs and that helps not to easily load their muscles again.

It is a very grateful and beneficial massage, if we have been on our feet for a long time or if we have walked long paths. Benefits of foot massage:
Relieves pain, we already know that all the nerves of the human body are reflected on the sole of the foot.
That is why a massage in this area helps us both to relieve muscle tension in the foot itself and to relieve muscles in the rest of our body.
It also helps improve blood circulation, since the feet suffer from continuous pressure when carrying the weight of our body. That is why blood circulation is seen against its gravity.

With the Massage we manage to return the circulation back to the heart, more easily, helping to notice less pressure on our feet and legs.
It helps us drain feet and legs. The feeling of tired legs is something that accompanies us throughout the day, whether we work for many hours sitting or standing, with a massage, you will help to eliminate the liquid that is retained in joints such as ankles and knees.
Massage duration: 45 minutes


Massage for pregnant women:

Is it bad to receive massages during pregnancy? The answer is no . Massages can help improve circulation and lower anxiety levels, as well as become pampering for the baby and for the future mother.

If you are anxious, your belly is heavy, you are tired and your legs feel heavy, it is best to take a massage session for pregnant women. They are ideal because they do not affect your pregnancy or your baby and help improve blood circulation that is so damaged during these months. They are also great for reducing the normal stress and nerves of any new mom.


First of all, it is good that you consult with your obstetrician in case there is any inconvenience when it comes to enjoying a relaxing massage session. During the first trimester of pregnancy it is recommended that you wait a bit before starting them. On the other hand, in the second and third trimesters, when the belly is already noticeable and if your pregnancy is normal, there would be no problem in enjoying a good massage.


We use some little pillows so that you feel very comfortable on the stretcher and they are better if you turn on your side, so as not to put pressure on the baby and facilitate circulation. The most pleasant and effective techniques are reflexology (on the feet), lymphatic drainage and gentle deep muscle massage.



  • Relaxing massage 90 minute

    110 €

    Complete body, includes feet and cranial

  • Relaxing massage 60 minutes


    Whole body

  • Deep tissue 60 minutes


    Back and legs

  • Quiro-relax Californian massage 60 min. (Exclusive)


    Whole body

  • Quiro-relax Californian massage 90 min. (Exclusive)


    Complete body, includes feet and cranial


  • Quiro-relax Californian massage (full body + feet + cranial) 90 minute


    Complete body, includes feet and cranial

  • Quiro-relax Californian massage 60 minutes (Full Body)


    Whole body

  • Cranial and facial massage 30 minutes


  • Relaxin massage 30 minutes


    back and legs in prono.

  • Relaxing massage 60 minutes


    Whole body

  • Relaxing massage 90 minutes


    Complete body, includes feet and cranial

  • Deep tissue massage 50 minutes


    back and legs

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